High Creek Wildlife Control


Wildlife Removal Specialists in Central North Carolina

We are licensed wildlife damage control agents for the state of North Carolina who can help you solve any wildlife problems.

We specialize in beaver removal, coyote removal, and fox removal. We can also remove raccoon, skunk, possum, and any other problem wildlife.

Due to the continuing development in central North Carolina, beavers need a place to be. They may pick your pond. We are seeing more and more beaver activity in residential areas.

Beavers can cause a great deal of financial damage in a short amount of time. Beaver damage can include:

  • Destroy trees and vegetation
  • Block waterways and culverts
  • Cause flooding damage
  • Damage to crops

Attempting to remove a wild animal yourself can be dangerous and even illegal. High Creek Wildlife Control can safely and humanely evict and exclude damaging animals from your property.

Beaver Removal Process

First, we perform an assessment to determine the extent of damage and estimate the beaver population.

Then we will determine the best beaver control and/or beaver removal course of action. We use the most modern and humane beaver trapping methods possible.

We will often breach the beaver dam and allow water to flow to make sure we remove all of the beaver causing problems in the area. All of our work comes with a 30-day guarantee.

Or contact us any time with your wildlife questions:

Cell: 919-418-1210

Email: kenton@highcreekwildlife.com